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  • Types of Emergency Glass Repair?

  • Glaziers are well known for their glass repair services. Over the years, these experts have been called out to treat all manner of window-related incidents. Although many people consider them the ideal solution when it comes to keeping home windows in top condition; they actually offer several other features relating to glass.

    What are these features? Well, let’s have a look at the most common first and work our way to the least common.

    Window repairs

    As mentioned above, the majority of projects that a glazier will be called out for will relate to windows within a home. Regardless of whether they are single or double-glazed, glass will only ever be able to take a particular amount of stress and pressure, before it chips, cracks, or shatters. When these incidents take place there are only two options: hire a glazier for repair, or have them take care of a replacement.

    Vehicle windows

    Although thinner and often more pliable in structure, vehicle windows are still made from glass. They will typically be tempered and laminated to ensure that they remain in one piece if impacted, but this is often the case for the windscreen, as opposed to the side and rear windows. Fortunately, glaziers can treat glass panes within vehicles relatively easily – whether they need to remove a damaged window and fit a new one, or apply a few millilitres of resin to help to fill in a chip or a crack.

    Glass furniture

    Many homes features glass furniture – from tables and side stands, all the way to chairs and even shelves. The majority of these items will be tempered to help to strengthen their structure, but even this won’t guarantee their longevity. Cracks are most common, but as glass furnishings are often laminated, it’s more likely that the additional layers will simply hold the damaged glass in place. A good glazier will therefore need to cut the lamination away to access to damage, treat is with adhesive (typically resin) and then re-apply a laminated sheet.

    These are just a few services provided by a glazier, but there are almost a dozen other unique features that they can offer. To find out more, it’s well worth getting in touch with a window repair expert to see if they can help, and if not – what they advise.